Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beauty And Health Goes Together

Saanen Goat Milk Soap gives you health as well as beauty especially to your skin. Although there may be other soap in the market Saanen Goat Milk Soap gives you the aroma that attracts the breath of many women.

Who Does Not Use Soap?

People use soap to clean their bodies. It is more benefitial to use soap that has medicial and health benefits like the Sannen Goat Milk Soap,better still these soap are mixed with different kind of herbs to suit your taste and preferences.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

YB Datuk Hjh Zainab was given a Gift of Sabun Susu Kambing

YB Datuk Hjh Zainab, the Assistant Minister for Industrial Development Sabah who came to the the stall was given some sample of sabun susu kambing to try the goodness of the soap.

Sabun Susu Kambing Sannen At The Expo in Likas

DPBS HERBAL SB is one of the Distributor in Sabah for sabun susu kambing Sannen and they are promoted and sold at the Expo at STC Likas which runs from April 9-12,2009.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Temulawak is a type of herb which is good for your liver. This Saanen soap is blended with Temulawak herb.

Giftaways for Your Wedding

Do something different for your wedding. Give 'love' Saanen soap. You could emboss your and your partner's name on the soap too.

Toileteries for Hotels and Resorts

Your hotels or resorts could make a difference with Saanen products. The aroma fills the air with sweetness.